Board Officer Elections

Bylaws state that the WSSDA Board will have four officers who serve one-year terms: president, president-elect, vice president, and immediate past president. The vice president is elected from the east side of the Cascade mountains in even-numbered years and from the west side of the Cascades in odd-numbered years. A school director can’t simultaneously serve as a board officer and as a statewide elected official or member of the state Legislature. If an officer seat becomes vacant for any reason, a special election is held. Learn more about the duties of board officers.

Meet the Candidates

The candidates page will be updated as the election process progresses from a preliminary list of candidates to the final list. If a run-off election is required, the page will be updated again. Visit the candidates page to see who is running.

Committee Nominees

Committee nominees are school board members who are nominated by the Nominating Committee to run for WSSDA president or vice-president. To become a committee nominee, a board member will apply to become a candidate and then sit for an interview with the Nominating Committee. The committee will evaluate the applicant’s qualifications and decide whether or not to nominate that person.

At-large Candidates

At-large candidates would be those who did not participate in the WSSDA Nominating Committee’s application process. The window for accepting nominations for at-large candidates is typically open in early July for two weeks. At-large candidates will be added to the ballot if:

  1. They receive five letters of nomination
  2. The letters of nomination are submitted by at least one member of five Washington school boards, including the nominee’s own board 
  3. The letters nomination are emailed to the WSSDA Executive Director by the deadline that is set by the Nominating Committee.

At-large nominees will be notified of their acceptance as candidates within one day of qualifying. Once accepted, at-large candidates may begin campaigning.


Voting is electronic. Once voting opens, an email with a link to a personal online ballot will go to all school directors with an email on record with WSSDA. If necessary, please contact or call (360) 890-5781 to make sure a school director’s email is on record. 

Staff Contact

Sean Duke
Communications Officer

2021 Elections Timeline

Apr. 26 – May 25
Application Window

June 9
Notify candidates of selection for interviews

June 22 & 28
Candidate interviews

July 2
List of committee nominees announced

July 2-16
At-large nomination window

July 19
Final list of candidates announced

July 15 – Oct. 1
Campaign period

Sept. 1 – Oct. 1
Officer elections

Oct. 4
Election results announced

Oct. 11-25
Run-off elections (if needed)

Oct. 26
Results announced (in case of run-off)

November (Date to be determined)
Elections for director area representatives (WSSDA board members) and standing committees

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