Positions Cited in a Platform Revision Proposal

This page is offered as a succinct preview of some of the major contents of the 2022 General Assembly Handbook, which will be published in the summer.

Below are existing WSSDA positions that have been cited in revision proposals submitted by school directors for consideration at the 2022 General Assembly. In the proposals, the positions below have been proposed for one of the following actions: to amend, retire, or combine with others. 

Specific details and more information about these will appear in the assembly handbook. No action will be taken on the proposals except through a vote of school boards at General Assembly. You can see ALL WSSDA positions on the catalog page.

What happens now?

  • April 22-28      
    Staff organization of proposal submissions
    April – May      
  • Legislative and Resolutions Committee review of proposals
  • June – Aug      
    Handbook development, where all proposals are gathered for dissemination
  • TBD                 
    Amendment and Emergency Proposal Window
  • 9/30-10/1       
    General Assembly (where proposals are voted on)
  • 10/4-10/10     
    Ranking and prioritization of WSSDA positions
  • 10/14              
    Legislative priorities announced
  • 10/15 – 1/9     
    Share priorities with legislators
  • 1/10/23          
    First day of 2023 legislative session (use positions and priorities to advocate)