WSSDA Leg Rep Networking Hour

Formerly titled “WSSDA Networking Hour,” we’ve renamed this webinar to reflect its emphasis on legislative advocacy while Washington’s Legislature is in session January 9 through April 23, 2023.

Through the end of session, our focus will primarily be on all things legislative. School board legislative representatives are especially encouraged to come, but ALL school directors are welcome!

School directors or topic experts with unique insights will be encouraged to share, and time will be saved for Q&A.

How to join the call

  • Emails will be sent to current registrants
  • New participants can join by registering below.
  • The calls run noon to 1 p.m. weekly.

Why join?

The conversations will focus on helping school board members share with other districts and WSSDA staff about how they are navigating challenges and creating solutions. Board members will also receive the latest updates on tools and resources available. 

The networking calls will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and share challenges. Superintendents are welcome and encouraged to participate, but the conversations will be aimed at the board domain and how school directors can effectively provide strong leadership in their districts and communities while supporting the operational work of administrators.

WSSDA is here to serve our members so you can serve your communities with visionary leadership and wisdom. We look forward to our conversations with you.


Calls are not recorded, but the agendas with links to resources discussed on the call are shared afterward via a “member update” email to school directors. Directors can update or provide their email addresses by contacting

The calls will be open to all school directors, superintendents, and educational partners regardless of their region.

More than two members of same board are OK

School directors are welcome to invite their entire board and superintendent team to join the networking calls. Because the networking calls do not provide for deliberation or conversation between members of the same board, there is no need to give communities special notice of a board meeting.

How the calls got started

With the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, WSSDA began hosting statewide calls to aid school boards in responding to unprecedented circumstances. The purpose of the calls continues to be helping school board members get the information, resources and connections necessary to respond to the needs and challenges brought about by the pandemic.