Formed in 1922, WSSDA’s membership consists of the entirety of Washington’s 1,477 locally elected school board directors. As a state agency, per chapter 28A.345 RCW, WSSDA supports its members with research-based leadership development resources, policy and legal guidance, and legislative advocacy. This work is of critical importance because school board directors build the future of public education by setting the policy, governance, and budgetary priorities for all of Washington’s 295 school districts serving over 1.1 million students.

Equity Statement

Equity is foundational to the work of WSSDA. Educational equity can only exist when a student’s level of opportunity and achievement cannot be predicted based on race, characteristics, or circumstances. Therefore, we must identify and eliminate any discriminatory practices and prejudices within our state’s public education system.

Vision Statement

All Washington school directors effectively govern to ensure each and every student has what they need to be successful within our state’s public education system.

Mission Statement

WSSDA builds leaders by empowering its members with tools, knowledge and skills to govern with excellence and advocate for public education.


  • WSSDA’s organizational culture and structure continuously improves service to school directors and their districts.
  • WSSDA’s premier membership development cultivates and strengthens school director leadership skills and effective governance.
  • WSSDA’s advocacy fosters and promotes partnerships with other education leaders and stakeholders and initiates or enhances legislation to advance education policy.
  • WSSDA leads in policy development to promote safe, secure and respectful learning environments for each and every student.
  • WSSDA expands public awareness of local school district governance and public education.
  • WSSDA provides concise, timely information and meets the communication needs of its members.
  • WSSDA promotes innovation to address new educational advances and the future needs of students and school districts.
  • WSSDA leads in advocating, modeling and promoting equity to address the educational needs of each and every student.


  • Public education is the foundation to the creation of our citizenry, and locally elected school boards are the foundation to the success of public education.
  • High-functioning, locally elected school boards are essential to create the foundation for successfully impacting the learning, development and achievement of each and every student.
  • Ethical, effective and knowledgeable school directors are essential for quality public schools.
  • Focusing on and addressing educational equity is paramount to assure the achievement of each and every student.
  • Public school directors are best served through an innovative, responsive and flexible organization which provides exceptional leadership, professional learning and services in governance, policy, and advocacy.

WSSDA Board adopted November 18, 2017.