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call for elections

Read about the 2023 elections for SBE, ESDs, and WSSDA.

Partners by Design—School Directors Help Hone their Training

Test pilot Iesha Kidd of Fife School District

“I felt a little nervous at first, but after we got going, it felt natural,” said Vanessa Edwards, leadership consultant for the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA). Last week, Edwards and OnBoard curriculum co-designer Scott Dolquist practiced delivering one of WSSDA’s newest learning experiences titled…

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Elevating Student Voice: Adding Student Representation to School Boards

Student Perspective What is the one thing that only a student can provide to a school board? Perspective. The forces that shape a generation, such as radio, television, the internet, cell phones, social media, change over time. Only a K-12 student can tell you…

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In February and March, WSSDA is offering workshops in person on both sides of the state and virtually. Current offerings are listed below, but more information is available at wssda.org/bootcamp and wssda.org/onboard.