Bill Watch

Below are all the bills that WSSDA staff are tracking in Washington’s Legislature.

Use the “Urgent Action Recommended” filter to see bills where your immediate action could impact their passage. The recommended actions to support or oppose are determined by positions that have been voted on and adopted by school boards at WSSDA’s annual General Assembly.

The “Stance” column indicates how staff are communicating WSSDA’s position on a bill. That stance is dictated by WSSDA’s member-adopted positions and are subject to change if the content of a bill changes. When no WSSDA position is directly related to a bill, staff consult with the WSSDA Legislative Committee, Resolutions Committee, and/or the WSSDA Board of Directors to see if a stance is deemed necessary.

The “Likely to Advance” column indicates whether or not WSSDA staff believe a bill is likely to move forward in the legislative process.

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