Legislative Priorities & Positions

Legislative positions are approved annually at WSSDA’s General Assembly. Following assembly, all positions are ranked by participants. That ranking determines WSSDA’s legislative priorities for the following legislative session.

2022 Legislative Session Priorities

Each year, WSSDA’s highest-ranked positions are used to create a one-page summary of the most important priorities. School directors are encouraged to share the priorities widely and often.

WSSDA has created issue briefs for your learning:

2022 School Funding Coalition Priorities

WSSDA is one of seven organizations that comprise the School Funding Coalition. The coalition represents the voices of nearly 8,000 school district leaders from our state’s 295 school districts. We bring a front-line understanding of school district financing and the education funding issues the Legislature continues to grapple with—especially as state budget decisions are contemplated in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Submitting a Position Proposal

Once a year, school board members have the opportunity to submit proposals to amend existing positions and create new ones. The window for 2022 closes at 5 p.m. on April 20.

InSession is WSSDA’s weekly roundup of legislative insights and opportunities sent only while the state Legislature is in session.