How to Advocate Year-round

Successful advocacy is a year-round activity at the local, state, and federal levels. To help school boards plan accordingly, we’ve outlined the steps and timing for maximizing your efforts.

Advocacy Defined: “Active support of an idea or cause; especially the act of pleading or arguing for something.”


  • Learn about the interests, skills, and backgrounds of your fellow board members
  • Use data to inform your policy priorities and strategic planning process
  • Coordinate local outreach on state/federal legislative issues
  • Orient fellow board members to WSSDA position
    • Engage fellow board members in the priority ranking process leading up to the General Assembly
    • Determine interest in and need for new and/or revised positions to submit during the spring submission window


  • Expand lens as local board members to DA and state
  • Follow session happenings via WSSDA InSession
  • Make connections and increase sphere of influence
    • Plan trips to Olympia with students
    • Attend Legislative Conference & Day on the Hill
  • Identify common ground with other advocates
  • Thank your legislators for a job well done


  • Join the Federal Relations Network
  • Develop relationships with your Congress members
  • Invite Congress members to visit your schools
  • Advocate using your real life experience’ tell stories
  • Thank your Congress members for a job well done