2022 Election Results

This year’s election results were certified by WSSDA’s Nominating Committee on Monday, October 24 and are now publicly available here:  WSSDA 2022 Election Results. The results will be officially announced to WSSDA members on Friday, November 18 as part of WSSDA’s Annual Conference in Spokane. 

About WSSDA Elections

WSSDA’s elected bodies contain representatives from each of WSSDA’s 11 “Director Areas.” As school directors, knowing who represents you and what seats you can vote on and run for are determined by which WSSDA Director Area your school district falls into. WSSDA’s elected bodies include:

Eligibility to Vote and Run

  • President-elect:
    All currently-seated public school directors are eligible to vote and run for this position.
  • Vice President:
    Eligibility to run for this position alternates between the eastern and western sides of the state for currently-seated public school directors. In even numbered years, candidates must be from the east. In odd numbered years, candidates must be from the west. All currently-seated public school directors can vote for vice president.
  • WSSDA Board and elected committees:
    All currently-seated public school directors are eligible to vote and run for the positions that represent their director area.


Voting in WSSDA’s elections will occur October 1-16, 2022. Voting is conducted via an anonymized, unique ballot link emailed to each public school director on file with WSSDA. If you’re a currently-seated public school board member, update your email address with WSSDA to ensure you receive a ballot.

Find your Director Area

If you need to find out what director area you are in, click the button to open a dropdown list. Type your school district’s name to filter the list.

See the Final Slate of Candidates

Click on your Director Area below to see the final slate of candidates for your region.


If you have questions about any of the election information above, please contact WSSDA Communications Officer Sean Duke at s.duke@wssda.org.

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