A FREE and Effective Resource to Strengthen Board-Superintendent Teams

board self-assessment survey

Early in the year is a great time for school boards to assess their performance with WSSDA’s free online Board Self-Assessment Survey. The benefits of the survey include:

  • Helping school boards assess and strengthen their performance in governing for improved student learning by examining their own practices.
  • Research-based and scientifically validated, the survey is based on the Washington School Board Standards.
  • It’s FREE to all public school boards in Washington state.
  • It’s anonymous.
  • It is easy to take and can be completed from any computer or mobile device in 15-20 minutes.
  • Once completed, WSSDA provides a detailed report for the board-superintendent team to read and discuss.
  • Taking it annually allows a school board to focus on areas to strengthen and track progress over time.

Post-survey, WSSDA also has an excellent process to help board-superintendent teams unpack the results and make sense of the feedback. Staff can help boards identify goals and next steps based on the self-assessment results.

Boards can get started today by emailing Christine Najarro to request the survey.