Permanent Positions

WSSDA’s permanent positions are one of the two types of position that make up the whole of WSSDA’s positions. The other type is legislative positions.

Permanent positions communicate WSSDA’s foundational core principles on issues of widespread concern for students, its membership, other education organizations, and the general public. Permanent positions represent WSSDA’s beliefs and values as adopted by its membership and set forth a variety of key conditions necessary for the state’s public school districts to obtain success for each and every student. WSSDA uses the permanent positions to inform its work in all areas and to inform its advocacy work when questions arise about topics covered by permanent positions. The permanent positions are advisory to individual school boards as well as to other organizations and educational stakeholders.

Resolutions Committee: stewards of the permanent positions

The WSSDA Resolutions Committee is authorized to review and initiate WSSDA’s permanent positions as required by the Bylaws and to recommend changes to correct syntax, clarify intent, eliminate conflicts, or combine related permanent positions. The results of such changes, clarifications, or combinations are presented for school directors to review and decide upon at the next General Assembly at Annual Conference.

Amending or adding positions

To amend or propose new permanent positions, WSSDA annually requests proposals from school boards. School directors may recommend that WSSDA take a position on a new issue or that it amend an existing position. The Resolutions Committee reviews all proposals and makes recommendations for action to be voted on during the annual Delegate Assembly.