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Featured Policies and Procedures

1250/1250P  Students on Governing Boards
3112/3112P – Social Emotional Climate 3143/3143P Notification and Dissemination of Information about Student Offenses and Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm 3205/3205P Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited 3207/3207P Prohibition of Harassment Intimidation and Bullying 3211/3211P Gender-Inclusive Schools 3225/3225P School-Based Threat Assessment 3241/3241P – Student Discipline 3424/3424P Opioid Related Overdose Reversal
4050/4050F – Data Sharing with Local Tribes 4218/4218P Language Access 4311/4311P School Safety and Security Services Program
5253/5253P/5253F/5253F1  Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries 5515/5515P – Workforce Secondary Traumatic Stress
6220/6220P  Bid or Request for Proposal Requirements 6700/6700P Nutrition 6701/6701P Recess and Physical Activity 6702/6702P Wellness

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