WSSDA holds elections twice a year; first for WSSDA board officers in early fall, and second, Director Area Elections for WSSDA board members and standing committee members in late fall. WSSDA’s Nominating Committee oversee this process.

Board Officer Elections

Voting for the WSSDA board officers will typically begins in September. Voting occurs online, so all school directors are encouraged to make sure their email on record with WSSDA is correct. If necessary, please contact mail@wssda.org or call (360) 890-5781 to make sure your email is on record. Visit the board officer elections page to learn more.

Director Area Elections

School directors from around the state have the opportunity to elect peers from their Director Area to serve on WSSDA’s standing committees, which include:

Our committees page lists these plus advisory groups and more. According to WSSDA operating policy:

  • Only directors who have been sworn in on their local boards are eligible to vote or run for positions up for election.

Fall 2021 Election Results

Duties of the WSSDA board

WSSDA board members begin their terms at the conclusion of the annual conference. The board exercises general supervision over WSSDA’s affairs and approves WSSDA’s annual budget. The board also carries the duty of effecting policies and programs adopted at meetings of WSSDA. To learn more, see Article VII, Section 4 in the WSSDA Bylaws.

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