Educational Equity

WSSDA is committed to increasing equity and access for ALL students in Washington state. This page can direct you to tools, resources, and trainings to aid school boards as they exercise their local authority in building a public education system that supports the growth and achievement of each and every student in their district.

WSSDA’s Equity Statement

Equity is foundational to the work of WSSDA. Educational equity can only exist when a student’s level of opportunity and achievement cannot be predicted based on race, characteristics, or circumstances. Therefore, we must identify and eliminate any discriminatory practices and prejudices within our state’s public education system.

Washington State Equity and Race Policies

WSSDA has compiled a list of school districts across the state of Washington whose school boards have adopted equity policies. They vary in title and content, but most focus on equity for each and every student regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, family income, homelessness, language, disability, sexual orientation, gender identification and other demographics.

Racial equity policies explicitly address eliminating racial barriers, discrimination and bias to increase achievement and graduation rates for students of color. They also address the historic inequities students of color and other marginalized students have faced and how those barriers will be eliminated within their school district.

If your school district has adopted an equity and race policy and is not listed here, please contact us.

Equity Tools

Equity Publications

Equity Information for Student Groups