Annual Conference

Annual Conference

WSSDA’s annual conference is Washington’s premier event for school directors, student board representatives, and superintendents. As the largest gathering of education policymakers in the state, the conference creates a unique opportunity for school directors to spend a few days learning from peers and other educational experts, and for board-superintendent teams to strengthen their own connections. The location of WSSDA’s conference alternates between the eastern and western sides of the state annually.

Conference Theme for 2024: Perspective

The theme of our 2024 conference, “Perspective,” invites us to embark on a profound exploration of the many lenses through which we perceive the world. In the realm of education, where our communities (and our boards) encompass a wide array of voices, navigating perspectives is not merely a challenge but a necessity.

As we gather to delve into this theme, we’ll encounter the inevitable diversity of viewpoints. What happens when our perspectives diverge to the extent that they seem irreconcilable, or when they challenge our very moral compass? How do we find common ground and forge ahead with solutions that honor the validity of each perspective?

The essence of this theme lies in its call to embrace the richness of varied viewpoints. It beckons us to broaden our horizons, to step into the shoes of others, and to acknowledge the inherent value in every perspective, no matter how disparate it may seem from our own.

Throughout our conference, we’ll encounter the modifiers that precede the term “perspective” – the “student perspective,” the “parent perspective,” and so forth – recognizing the power and influence embedded within each. We’ll explore the actions that stem from differing perspectives, learning to appreciate the unique contributions they offer.

Let us embark on this journey of exploring perspectives, ready to challenge our assumptions, expand our horizons, and ultimately, foster a more inclusive and compassionate educational landscape.

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