Model Policy

School district policies are continually evolving due to constant changes in legislation, legal decisions, and emerging issues. Through its partnership with BoardDocs, WSSDA offers subscription-based access to its model policy library to help Washington school districts stay current with these developments.

Whenever a model policy is updated, Policy & Legal News is the primary vehicle through which WSSDA communicates any changes. Available online, the subscription-based magazine comes with marked-up versions of any revised model policy or procedure.

24/7 Access

Subscribers can access all of WSSDA’s model policies via our online portal 24/7*. Each policy contains hyperlinks to cross-referenced policies, legal references, and management or informational resources.

Easy to Search

Find what you’re looking for by searching via keyword, title, or classification.


*This subscription service is available only to following organizations: Washington state public school districts, including tribal schools and charter schools; Washington state Educational Service Districts; Washington state agencies that support public education, including the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, the State Board of Education, and the Office of the Attorney General; the Washington State Legislature; other state school board associations; and attorneys who are members of the Washington Council of School Attorneys or their law firms on their behalf.

Annual subscription fee: $945 (plus applicable sales tax).


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