Legislative Positions

Presently, WSSDA’s legislative positions fall into two categories: Standing Legislative Positions (SLP) and Legislative Positions (LP). LP’s are positions that are either newly submitted for consideration, or are still working their way through the process to become an SLP. In order for LPs to become a standing legislative position, they must be resubmitted annually and approved four years in a row. These positions are generally considered so important and/or universally accepted by school directors that they do not need to be reintroduced every year.

Legislative Committee: stewards of legislative positions

The WSSDA Legislative Committee is authorized to annually review and initiate legislative positions and to recommend changes to consolidate and strengthen the positions. The results of such proposals and recommendations are presented for action in writing at the subsequent Legislative Assembly.

Amending or adding positions

To amend or propose new positions, WSSDA annually requests proposals from school boards. School directors may recommend that WSSDA take a position on a new issue or that it amend an existing position. Once the annual proposal window closes, the Legislative Committee reviews all proposals and makes recommendations for action to be voted on during the annual Legislative Assembly.