Superintendent Evaluation Models

One of the major responsibilities for school boards is to evaluate the superintendent. It is essential for school boards to have the tools to do that well. A high quality evaluation is fair, legally defensible, and supports the superintendent’s ongoing professional development.

In 2013, WSSDA and WASA began a partnership to develop a superintendent evaluation model that reflected best practices for teacher and administrator evaluations. During that three-year project, they developed and piloted five models of evaluation. Those five models were then tested and reviewed by different school boards and superintendents across Washington.

When the pilot period was complete, the joint project’s steering committee referred the two most effective of those models to the WSSDA Board of Directors. With the Board’s consent, WSSDA and WASA can now offer these two models to our members:

Superintendent Evaluation Models

WSSDA appreciates the board directors and superintendents who implemented the models during our pilots and to those who continue to improve upon them. We continue to evaluate improvements to the current models and review new superintendent evaluation models as they appear. Those that are fair, sustainable, and defensible will be considered by WSSDA and WASA and offered to our members.

If you have questions, or would like assistance with implementation, please contact Tricia Lubach, Director of Leadership Development, or Christine Najarro, Leadership Development Coordinator.