WSSDA’s Federal Relations Network (FRN) is a joint undertaking with the National School Boards’ Association (NSBA). It provides a communication network among NSBA, WSSDA government relations staff, and FRN members in each congressional district.

The WSSDA FRN actively supports the NSBA’s efforts to influence federal legislation by making regular contact with the Washington congressional delegation. This is done by sharing information, resources, and perspective regarding the impact of federal legislation on school districts. The WSSDA FRN also alerts NSBA and Washington’s members of Congress to state issues affecting education, particularly those related to the actions of the federal government.

Next year’s NSBA Advocacy Institute and Day on the Hill will be held on January 25-28, 2025.

2024 FRN Meeting Planner

As year-round advocates, FRN members:

  • Receive vital information concerning federal legislation and action
  • Develop WSSDA’s annual agenda of “Hot Topics” for advocacy in Washington DC
  • Establish and maintain relationships with members of Congress
  • Respond to NSBA calls to action

Coordinating Member Roster

Member 1
Member 2
1Sandy Hayes,
Northshore SD
2Charlotte Murray,
Stanwood-Camano SD
Jen Hirman, Everett SD
TJ Heller, San Juan Island SD
3Rob Perkins,
Evergreen SD
Rebecca Stillings,
Rainier SD
4Martha Rice,
Yakima SD
Larry Garcia,
Mt. Adams SD
5Cindy McMullen,
Central Valley SD
6Lisa Keating,
Tacoma PS
7Sara Betnel,
Shoreline SD
8Danny Edwards,
Riverview SD
Mark Stuart,
Lake Washington SD
9Marnie Maraldo,
Issaquah SD
Luckisha Phillips,
Federal Way SD
10Lisa Keating,
Tacoma PS