Small Schools Advisory Committee

Representatives from districts with fewer than 2,000 students help identify issues important to small districts and determine how WSSDA can assist with those issues. Liaisons from other organizations also participate. The Small Schools Advisory Committee meets several times per year as necessary, usually in conjunction with WSSDA General Assembly, WSSDA Annual Conference, and WASA Small Schools Conference.

Committee Roster

MembersDA   School District  
Sarah Werling-Sandwith1San Juan Island
Ronda Litzenberger, Chair3Eatonville
Don Baker4Cape Flattery
Annie Robbins5Hood Canal
Laurie Stanton6White Salmon Valley
Tara Tupling7Mansfield
Deborah Heart8Goldendale
Elissa Dyson9Onion Creek
Annie Keebler10Freeman


WSSDA Board Liaison

Katherine Humphrey, Boistfort
DA 5

WASA Liaison

Kim Fry

ESD Liaison

Rob Roettger, NEW ESD 101

State Board of Education Liaison

MJ Bolt

OSPI Liaison

Michaela Miller

Committee Support