Bylaw & Policy Review Committee

This subcommittee of the WSSDA Board is composed of three to eight board members, one of whom shall be the past president who will act as chair. The main duties of this committee are to:

  • Review WSSDA’s Bylaws, operating policies, and procedures and report its findings to the board.
  • Recommend amendments to existing Bylaws, operating policies, and procedures, as needed.
  • Recommend new bylaws, operating policies, and procedures, as needed.
  • Perform such other duties regarding WSSDA’s Bylaws and operating policies as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

More information can be found in the corresponding WSSDA operating policy.

Committee MemberDirector AreaSchool District
Rick Jansons (Chair)11Richland
Marnie Maraldo2Issaquah
Rick Maloney3University Place
Carolynn Perkins4Bremerton
Greta White10Endicott

Committee Support

WSSDA’s Policy & Legal branch supports this committee