Director Area 10 Elections

During an election cycle, this page will show all the open positions and candidates for which residents of this Director Area are eligible to file or vote. For general information about elections conducted by WSSDA, visit the elections homepage.

Filing Window

The filing window opens September 1 and closes September 16.


Voting in WSSDA’s elections will occur October 1-16. If you’re a currently-seated public school board member, update your email address with WSSDA to ensure you receive a ballot.

Open Positions and Slate

Below will appear open elected positions for which this Director Area is eligible to file and/or vote. This page will be updated throughout a filling window until it closes. Upon closure of the filing window, additional candidate information will appear, for example, statements and photographs.


Open Position:

  • SBE Eastern Region: Position 1

There will be a runoff election for SBE Eastern Region: Position 1, due to the fact that none of the three candidates received more than 50% of the vote. The top two candidates will move forward to the runoff election. Those candidates are Bruce Drollinger and Ronnie Mabry.

A secure, encrypted ballot for this runoff election will be emailed to school directors who are eligible voters on Friday, October 27, 2023.

Candidates will appear below:

SBE East
WSSDA President-elect
WSSDA Vice President
DA 10 Seat on the WSSDA Board
DA 10 Resolutions Committee
DA 10 Legislative Committee
DA 10 Nominating Committee
DA 10 Interscholastic Activities Committee
ESD 101 District 2*

*School board members of all Director Area 10 school districts EXCEPT Asotin-Anatone and Clarkston may vote for candidates in the ESD 101 election. This will automatically be reflected on your ballot.

ESD 101 District 4
ESD 101 District 6
ESD 123 District 2**

**In Director Area 10, ONLY school board members of Asotin-Anatone and Clarkston MAY vote for candidates in the ESD 123 election. This will automatically be reflected on your ballot.

ESD 123 District 4
ESD 123 District 6
ESD 123 District 7
ESD 123 District 8


Sean Duke
WSSDA Communications Officer