Deadline extended to submit WSSDA position proposals

The coronavirus has interrupted many parts of our lives, including finding time to complete even the slightest task. Knowing this, WSSDA has extended the window for submitting position proposals to May 20th.

Stronger advocacy

WSSDA currently has 102 permanent and 106 legislative positions. The positions are created, amended, and approved by school directors, so they reflect the collective voices and values of school boards across the state.

In a school district, individual board members only have authority when acting collectively with their entire board. In a similar way, individual school districts are empowered by combining with other districts to set WSSDA’s permanent and legislative positions. The more districts that participate in setting WSSDA positions, the more weight they will carry in the Legislature and the nation’s capital.

Add your voice

Once a year, school directors have the opportunity to propose additions or amendments. Doing so, is the first step to ensuring that your district’s voice is represented by WSSDA at the state and national level. The first step is submitting a position proposal. The next step is participating in the democratic process of WSSDA’s general assembly in September. That is when members will vote on all the proposals.

Next steps

School directors who would like to propose or amended a position are encouraged to contact WSSDA staff. The staff can point out existing positions related to your topic of interest, connect you to other school board members who are working on something similar, or simply help you navigate the whole process.

For questions about permanent positions, contact Abigail Westbrook at For questions about legislative positions, contact Marissa Rathbone at

Please visit our website to learn more about WSSDA positions or the position proposal process.