Attendee Terms & Conditions

WSSDA 2020 Annual Conference

By completing this registration, you agree to make payment to WSSDA for the 2020WSSDA Annual Conference fees. You also agree, for yourself and/or on behalf of others you registered, to abide by the conditions of attendance.

Cancellation Policy: Because the conference will be available in virtual format to all attendees and content can be accessed for up to 9 months after the conference date, there are no refunds for cancellation. Converting a virtual registration to an on-site registration or vice-versa may be made until October 1, 2020.

Pre-Conference Workshops: In order to prepare instructional materials, pre-conference workshops require pre-registration by OCTOBER 30, 2020.

Conditions of Attendance: In order to comply with the law and provide a more comfortable environment for all attendees, an additional term of attendance is outlined below.

By registering, you are agreeing to comply with the following:Pursuant to WAC 292-110-010, WSSDA is a state agency responsible for the proper use of state resources. Unauthorized distribution of materials that support, promote the interests of, or solicit for an outside organization or group by an attendee at any WSSDA-sponsored event or in any conference facility utilized by WSSDA for such events may result in revocation of the credentials that allow that individual to attend the event and/or barring of that individual’s attendance at future WSSDA-sponsored events.

For registration or housing questions, please contact the WSSDA Registrar.