Voting and Addressing the Assembly

Every school director can attend the virtual General Assembly by simply clicking the “Enter the General Assembly” button at the top of the General Assembly page. But when it comes to voting or addressing the assembly, it’s one board, one login.

How to use the Voting Login

From start to finish of any given proposal up for a vote, only one school director per board can speak or vote by logging in to the assembly with the voter’s login. While logged in with those credentials, that board member is acting as the “delegate” for his/her school board. Between proposals, other officially seated school directors from the same school board may assume the role of delegate by using their board’s voting login to enter the virtual General Assembly.

“Swapping Credentials”

As stated above, between proposals, when discussion and voting for one proposal is complete, and the next one has not yet started, that’s when your board can change who is acting as your board’s delegate.

Changing your board’s delegate, or “swapping credentials,” is as easy as logging out and then letting another member of your board login with the voting login assigned to your school board.

If for some reason the first person doesn’t log out, the electronic system will simply kick them out when another member of the same board logs in. This is how the electronic system automatically limits votes to one per district.

Tips for Successful Participation

Swapping Credentials/Sharing the Voting Login
If your board plans to share the voting login with each other to take turns acting as the delegate to vote and speak, it might be helpful to decide in advance who and when the different members of your board will use the voting login to enter the assembly. Developing this “game plan” can maximize your board’s participation.

Legal Considerations for the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA)
If your board gathers together to attend the virtual assembly, there are important steps to take. Those steps and more are outlined on our General Assembly and OPMA webpage.

Tech Support During the Event
If you have any trouble during the event, you’ll want to email Before that happens, it would also be helpful if you update your board members’ contact information here. That way, if we need to reach somebody to help them participate, we’ll know how to get in touch with them.