Interim: Dual Credit/College in High School

WSSDA’s strategic advocacy team hosted the second Leg Reps Learn of the 2021 interim. These webinars will be offered at no cost to WSSDA members on topics related to WSSDA’s advocacy efforts.

Leg Reps Learn

This week’s Leg Reps Learn webinar focused on dual credit/college in the high school, and offered the perspectives of three dual credit champions. View the webinar to see what they shared.

Dual credit/college in the high school legislation

In the 2021 legislative session, multiple bills were introduced related to dual credit programs. Of the bills introduced, several passed, including:

  • SHB 1302 – Concerning College in the High School programs
  • SB 5299 – Allowing the use of computer science credits for the purpose of graduation requirements.

Advocating for dual credit programs

While progress was made in the 2021 session, we have heard from many of you about the existing and continuing need for increased access and funding for dual credit programs. Based on our existing legislative and permanent positions on dual credit, additional funding for these programs will be necessary.

How to advocate: Contact your legislators

To help WSSDA advocate for this change, we encourage you to share the responses to the below prompts both with us at WSSDA and with your legislators in the coming months. Most specifically: 

  • What are you doing to increase access to dual credit programs right now?
  • What are the access issues/barriers to providing dual credit programs?
  • What do you need in order to be more effective?

Dual credit resources

Need help?

If you need help contacting your legislator or want to share information about dual credit programs, contact Logan Endres, Strategic Advocacy Coordinator at

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