Interim: Mastery-based Learning

WSSDA’s strategic advocacy team hosted the fourth Leg Reps Learn of the 2021 interim. These webinars will be offered at no cost to WSSDA members on topics related to WSSDA’s advocacy efforts.

Leg Reps Learn

This week’s Leg Reps Learn webinar focused on mastery-based learning (MBL), and offered the perspectives of MBL champions. View the webinar to see what they shared.

What is mastery-based learning?

Mastery-based Learning is an instructional approach designed to help students learn deeply and effectively. Classrooms using MBL have these in common:

  • Student agency.
  • Relevance.
  • Differentiation.
  • Inclusion.
  • Innovative assessment tools.

Those elements of MBL can lead to a transformation of our education system that will close opportunity gaps and support the needs of each and every student. The State Board of Education has created a one-pager to help build understanding for MBL.

WSSDA Featured Model Policies on MBL

These model policies, procedures, and forms are featured so they can be of benefit to every school board. Learn more about WSSDA’s full suite of policy services.

As a reminder, WSSDA model policies and procedures are copyrighted materials. They are for internal use only and may not be distributed without written permission of WSSDA. They are also available with other featured model policies on the Policy and Legal Services website.

The time to advocate is now

Advocacy is a year-round endeavor. As the new and improved advocacy wheel reflects, the legislative session represents only a small part of the total need for annual advocacy. Students and staff are in need of mental health support 365 days a year – so our advocacy should also reflect that ongoing need.

Schedule a time to talk with your legislators this month to share what has been working and what else is needed to address your student and staff’s mental health and wellbeing. Your legislators’ contact information can be found on the Washington State Legislature website.

Need help?

If you need help contacting your legislator or want to share information about MBL programs and services, contact Marissa Rathbone, Director of Strategic Advocacy at

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