OnBoard is an interactive learning experience designed for both individual school directors and board-superintendent teams. As a comprehensive learning system, OnBoard’s aim is to help school directors provide visionary leadership and perform effective governance and strategic advocacy.

OnBoard for Equity

As part of its responsibility under Senate Bill 5044 signed into law this summer, WSSDA is developing a series of professional development opportunities through OnBoard specifically designed to deepen Washington state school directors’ background knowledge about their role as leaders for educational equity. The two new offerings are the Introduction to the Commitment to Educational Equity and Identity Discrimination – A Look at Federal Involvement.

About the Introduction to the Commitment to Educational Equity

This foundational course in WSSDA’s equity-related training program will introduce the five elements that contribute to progress toward educational equity. These learning experiences will provide individual directors with background knowledge to fully engage in their own district’s equity commitments. A brief overview of each element will provide a common set of definitions and snapshots of the content and resources used throughout the training series.

About Identity Discrimination – A Look at Federal Involvement

All individuals have multiple identities that contribute to how they are perceived and treated by others. Uncover the complexities of federal involvement over time in efforts to eliminate these various types of identity discrimination. Explore historical images, significant federal laws and several representative case studies that have impacted current anti-discrimination progress. The knowledge you gain will inform your participation in the unique work of your district’s commitment to equity.

Volunteer to pilot these learning experiences

WSSDA invites any school board members or superintendents willing to come to the WSSDA office to attend a pilot for these two newly-developed OnBoard learning experiences the eventing of September 28 and 29 at the WSSDA conference center.

Attending a pilot will not only assist WSSDA in finalizing the content, it will also help attendees fulfill part of the required training for school directors specified in the law. Under Senate Bill 5044, school directors will be required to take four 2.25 hours of professional development in educational equity topics per term of elected office or within two years of being elected or appointed to first term beginning no later than 2022. Attending one or both of these pilots will count towards fulfilling those legal requirements. 

RSVP to pilot

To RSVP, please email Christine Najarro by September 26 at c.najarro@wssda.org. We look forward to seeing you.