Relevance, Clarity, and Representation—Why School Directors have April to Propose Revisions to WSSDA’s Platform

Once a year, all the boards of public school districts in the state can propose revisions to WSSDA’s advocacy platform. For 2022, the revision window will be open April 1-20.

Revision occurs if a board submits a proposal in the spring, and WSSDA members vote to adopt it at a general assembly in the fall. Between spring and fall, the proposing board, and other like-minded school directors, may network with other school directors to encourage their board’s “yay” vote at the general assembly.

This annual exercise has two aims. The first is to give every board an opportunity to have voice in WSSDA’s advocacy. The second aim is to make the platform as clear, concise, and relevant as possible so that school directors and WSSDA staff can be effective advocates.

WSSDA’s platform has positions relevant to every district size, urban or rural, east or west. The annual platform revision window is the time for boards to impact the contents of WSSDA’s platform so they can feel represented.

“We have well over 200 positions,” said Rebecca Stillings, WSSDA’s Legislative Committee chair from Rainier School District. “We really need all our members to take a look at our existing positions and decide if there are any that we can retire or refine. That won’t occur unless school directors participate in this process because WSSDA’s positions are all created by school directors, and democratically approved by school directors. That’s why statewide participation is critical.”

The last day to propose a revision is April 20, 2022. Proposed revisions will be reviewed by the Legislative and Resolutions Committees and presented at General Assembly in the fall for a vote of the members, all school boards in the state.

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