Learn about shaping WSSDA’s platform with this online tutorial

School directors, do you want to help shape WSSDA’s advocacy? Now is the time to meet with your board, discuss any potential changes you would like to suggest for the WSSDA platform, and put any proposals to a vote.

Local school boards have the opportunity to update the platform through an online proposal process each spring. This annual revision process helps to inform future support for, or opposition to, education legislation.

Directors use WSSDA’s Positions Catalog year-round, especially as they advocate during the legislative session. Along the way, they jot down suggested platform improvements and discuss these with their school board.

Types of Proposals

Boards are encouraged to think beyond their own district and propose changes that benefit students across the state. These fall into two categories: permanent positions and legislative positions. School boards must vote to approve any proposal submitted.

WSSDA position proposals do the following:

• Recommend a change to an existing permanent or legislative position.

• Recommend the consolidation of one or more existing permanent or legislative positions.

• Propose a new permanent or legislative position.

• Recommend the retirement of an existing permanent or legislative position.

Prepare the Proposal

School boards prepare the submission using the position proposal checklist.

Submission During the Open Window

After taking action to approve the submittal, boards fill out the online proposal form for each proposal.

Types of Positions

Permanent positions are core beliefs and values that are advisory to school boards.

Legislative positions guide WSSDA’s year-round advocacy efforts.

Who Can Submit Position Proposals?

In addition to local school boards, WSSDA’s Legislative and Resolutions Committees, and WSSDA’s Board of Directors may also propose changes.

General Assembly Ratification

The WSSDA Board president presents proposals to WSSDA’s General Assembly in September for deliberation and a vote. This year, General Assembly will take place from September 22-23rd.

Ratified positions become a part of WSSDA’s platform and inform advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels. Channeling 1,477 perspectives into a single platform is an opportunity to engage in friendly debate, disagree with grace, and generate broad-based support for K-12 public education in Washington state.

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