Sign Up Your Student Board Rep For the Student Representative Network

Recognition is growing for the importance of authentic student voice on local school boards and within WSSDA. That’s why the WSSDA Board of Directors created the Student Representative Network. This is an officially recognized network within WSSDA created to connect student school board representatives to the myriad of issues and topics related to K-12 public education in Washington state.  

Connecting student school board representatives

The network will support and connect student school board representatives and foster their growth as leaders. WSSDA is excited to develop the opportunities and avenues for student school board representatives to share their perspectives, express their views, and engage more fully in education policy at all levels.

Meetings coming soon

The first meeting is scheduled to convene in October. The network will start by working on projects such as creating resources for student representatives, getting organized for student advocacy and testimony during the legislative session, and more.

Sign up your student board representative!

To get your student board representatives connected, please email WSSDA Strategic Advocacy Coordinator Logan Endres at

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