2021 Boards of the Year Are Announced

The Goldendale, Steilacoom and Auburn School Boards have been named the 2021 school Boards of the Year. These three boards were chosen from a field of 34 boards which had been named earlier as Boards of Distinction.

This year’s focus

This year’s Boards of Distinction application asked school directors to illustrate how their actions exemplified visionary leadership and helped their school districts close opportunity gaps. To be awarded, boards had to show a clear link between their leadership in applying the Washington School Board Standards and closing gaps that impact student success.

Systematic, data driven approaches

“All three of these boards showed a clear commitment to supporting their students and families through systematic, data driven approaches and flexible solutions to serving students’ and families’ needs,” said WSSDA Director of Leadership Development Tricia Lubach.

“While all of our Boards of Distinction did this, these three Boards of the Year did a particularly good job of presenting a robust amount of clear and relevant evidence showing how their actions were directly related to benefiting students and reflecting the Washington School Board Standards.”

The 2021 Boards of the Year

School directors for each of the Boards of the Year, with superintendents in parentheses, are:

Goldendale — Small Districts Category: Beth Schroder, Betty Richards, Deborah Heart, John Hoctor, Darren Hoffman, (Dr. Ellen Perconti)

Steilacoom — Medium Districts Category: Dr. Jennifer McDonald, Sam Scott, Bob Forbes, Jason Pierce, Loujanna Rohrer, (Dr. Kathi Weight)

Auburn — Large Districts Category: Laurie Bishop, Laura Theimer, Arlista Holman, Sheilia McLaughlin and Tracy Arnold, (Dr. Alan Spicciati)

More at Annual Conference

WSSDA will be honoring the Boards of the Year at the WSSDA Annual Conference on Friday, November 19th.