Student Representative Network Meetings Begin

The Student Representative Network (SRN) kicked off on October 19 with their first meeting! The network was created to support and connect student school board representatives while fostering their growth as leaders. In the network’s first meeting, the group did just that.

The First Meeting

After introductions, the group was asked some questions, one being, “What do you hope to learn from the student representative network?” Many students had similar answers to the questions, but others were unique. Some answers included:

  • The best practices for being a school board representative
  • How to support diverse student groups
  • How to get more involved in WSSDA
  • How to better gain other students’ perspectives
  • How to get fellow students to apply for the school board

The Student Representative Network, in its first meeting, has already proved to be an invaluable resource in my advocacy for students in the Kennewick School District. I was able to share some areas that my district has made positive changes for other Student Representatives to bring back to their district, and in return, I was able to hear from them about changes that I can bring back to Kennewick.

Zachary Glenn–Kennewick School District

The next meeting

The next SRN meeting takes place tonight, November 1, at 5 p.m. Some of the agenda items include:

  • New group member introductions
  • Building community
  • Discussing the student legislative prioritization process
  • Begin building the SRN work plan

Sign up your student board representative!

Students can join at any time. Use the button below to get your student board representative connected!

I am super excited to be able to work with student leaders all around Washington state. I can’t wait to connect with other students on fundamental problems in our schools we want to solve as a group.

Andrew Howison–Mercer Island School District