Advocacy Happens Year-Round: Join our Advocacy Insights Discussion

Are you a school board member who hopes to be more effective in advocating for your district’s needs? Do you wish you had stronger relationships with your school board colleagues across the state? Would you like to know how WSSDA’s advocacy can complement and strengthen your own? 

Get answers to all those questions and more by joining WSSDA’s strategic advocacy team, Marissa Rathbone and Logan Endres, for a virtual discussion called Advocacy Insights. These online discussions are designed to help school boards, especially their legislative representatives, to engage with their fellow school directors in preparation for the upcoming legislative session. All school board members are welcome to attend. 

Starting on May 17th, we’re planning to meet monthly on the following schedule:

  • May 17 – Incorporating WSSDA’s Positions into your Interim Advocacy
  • June 14 – Key Topics for Interim Advocacy 
  • Aug 9 – Tips for Engaging with Your Legislators
  • Sept 13 – Unpacking the General Assembly Handbook
  • Sept 27 – Know Before You Go to General Assembly
  • Oct 11 – Updates to WSSDA’s Positions and Priorities
  • Nov 8 – Elevating WSSDA Priorities with the Legislature
  • Dec 13 – Preparing for the 2023 Legislative Session

Sign up to receive your Zoom link and join the discussion. For questions, email