Caucus Meetings Begin August 10

All school directors are encouraged to join members of the Resolutions Committee and Legislative Committee to discuss their priorities and the position proposals up for a vote at the WSSDA General Assembly. All positions are listed in the assembly handbook.

Draft Proposed Amendments

Your DA caucus meeting is also your opportunity to discuss any potential draft amendments that members of your DA may wish to submit. The window for submissions is August 21-28, 2020. This is a significant point of departure from years past when the assembly was able to be held as an in-person event. Due to the complexity and constraints of holding our first-ever virtual assembly, any proposed amendments will need to be submitted during the August 21-28 window.

Caucus and Membership Meetings Schedule

To find the Zoom link, date, and time for your director area, please visit the caucus meetings page.

Countdown to Assembly

  • August 10
    DA Caucus  and Membership Meetings (2-week window)
  • August 21
    DRAFT Amendment proposal window opens (1-week window)
  • August 28
    DRAFT Amendment proposal window closed
  • August 31
    Voting delegates from each district identified
  • September 18
    FINAL Amendments sent to members
  • September 24
    Board, Resolutions Committee, and Legislative Committee Meetings
  • September 25
    General Assembly

“Your participation will impact Washington’s students in a way that ripples throughout their K-12 educational experience.”

WSSDA Board President, Brenda Rogers Bethel School District