Final List of WSSDA Board Officer Candidates

After completing applications and interviews with WSSDA’s Nominating Committee, applicants Danny Edwards, Michelle Perry, and Derek Sarley were recommended by the committee and added to the ballot for September’s WSSDA board officer elections.

Meet the candidates

Each candidate was asked to submit a statement describing their qualifications for the position and answer three questions in a short video.

Danny Edwards
Committee Candidate
Michelle Perry
Committee Candidate
Vice President
Derek Sarley
Committee Candidate
Vice President


Voting for Board Officer candidates opens on September 1. Members can look for an email on the opening date including a link to your personal online ballot.

The election closes at 4 p.m. on October 1, 2020.

About the board of directors

Board officers make up three positions on the WSSDA board of directors. The other members include the representatives elected from each of WSSDA’s 11 regional Director Areas, the immediate past president, and any member serving on the National School Boards Association board of directors.

Some duties of the the WSSDA board include:

  • Providing general supervision over WSSDA’s affairs
  • Approving WSSDA’s annual budget
  • Effecting policies and programs adopted at meetings of WSSDA

Get involved —more ways to engage

Becoming a board member is only one of many ways to get involved within WSSDA.

Take a look at the many WSSDA committees to see if any match your interests!