Everything you need for General Assembly

To kick off the week of General Assembly, WSSDA has a couple of new webpages to help you better find your General Assembly information. Look below to see what can be found on each page!

General Assembly landing page

On the General Assembly landing page, you can find all of the assembly’s high-level information, including the event date, time, and registration button. You will also find information that is presented year-round, helping to describe what General Assembly is, who should attend, and a timeline of dates pertinent to the event.

The General Assembly landing page also houses the General Assembly Handbook, a vital document showing all the items that will be voted on.

General Assembly: Know before you go

The “know before you go” webpage is where you get the finer details for participating in the assembly. This page features several resources that include a video demonstrating how the virtual General Assembly will take place through the Lumi platform, the General Assembly FAQ, and a list of materials to help you explore several topics related to positions up for a vote at the assembly.

Post-assembly: Prioritizing legislative positions

Once the assembly concludes and WSSDA’s positions are set by the voting of its members, the next step is to prioritize those positions to guide WSSDA legislative advocacy for next year. The ‘prioritizing legislative positions’ webpage explains how the process works. The page includes information that is recommended for school directors to view before the assembly to ensure the prioritization process goes smoothly for them.

General Assembly and OPMA

The ‘General Assembly and OPMA’ web page features just what you would assume: information on obeying OPMA laws while attending General Assembly. There is information as it relates to individual school boards and as it relates to WSSDA. Please be sure to take a look.

Other information to note

If you are a voting delegate for General Assembly, your voting credentials have been emailed to you. If you attend General Assembly and are not a voting delegate, you will use your name and email to log into the Lumi platform.

If you have any questions regarding General Assembly, please be sure to email assembly@wssda.org.