The Handbook for WSSDA’s 2022 General Assembly is Online

The handbook for WSSDA’s 2022 General Assembly is now available!

The handbook shows everything that is currently slated to be up for a vote at the virtual assembly on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. After Aug 19, there will be a second, final version of the handbook because that will follow closure of the amendment window, which is explained within the handbook.

Also available: Voting Credentials

In a separate email, board chairs/presidents will receive a link to go “pick up” their board’s voting credentials for the assembly.

All school directors can freely attend the virtual assembly, but only one person per board can be logged in for the purpose of casting a vote or addressing the assembly on behalf of their board. Learn more at WSSDA’s Voting and Addressing the Assembly page.

For more information about General Assembly visit