Board Members: Sign Up to Meet With Your Legislators

Week on the Hill planning meetings begin Monday, March 8. Sign up for your planning meeting and prepare to meet with your legislators!

Week on the Hill: Planning Meetings

Prepare for meeting legislators by gathering your thoughts and networking with colleagues. We’ve organized planning meetings by legislative district, which are open to all Legislative Conference registrants, and by caucus type, which are open to school board members, superintendents, and student board representatives.

Planning meetings are critical as they provide the opportunity to:

1. Review conference hot topics & share feedback, surface stories, and ask questions.
2. Coordinate logistics for your legislator meetings.

Please register for legislative planning meetings as well as our typical member meetings such as the Equity and Access Caucus, Large Schools Caucus, and Student Advocates Meeting.

Week on the Hill: Meetings with Legislators

After you attend a legislative planning meeting, you’ll be ready to sign up to meet with your legislators. Week on the Hill meetings are designed for you to advocate for the 2021 WASA, WASBO, WSSDA hot topics.

Before you sign up

Have a look at the meetings that are scheduled to date. The meeting spreadsheet will be updated as information becomes finalized with legislative staff.

Sign up by March 12

Please sign up for meetings with the legislators of your choice by March 12. Zoom links for the meetings will be provided separately, on or around March 12.

Contact us

If you have questions or want more information about legislator engagement as part of the WASA, WSSDA, WASBO Legislative Conference, contact us at