New Resource Available about Redistricting for School Board Elections

WSSDA has published a new video on the topic of changing the voting area boundaries within a school district. The video is a panel discussion of what school districts need to know about redistricting as it relates to the 2020 Census data and the Washington Voters’ Rights Act. WSSDA’s director of policy and legal services, Abigail Westbrook recorded the video.

“We’ve been fielding a lot of questions on this topic,” said Westbrook. “Although responding to the census happens regularly, ten years is a long enough gap to become forgetful of the process and for things to change.”

On the topic of change, Westbrook said, “This census has special quirks because of COVID, including delays for receiving the census data and a statutory easing of the due date to respond.” She added, “importantly, this is the first time that school districts are responding to census data with the Washington Voters’ Rights Act in place. I’d really like to thank Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson, Pend Oreille County Auditor Marianne Nichols, John McKenzie of FLO Analytics and John A. Safarli of Floyd, Pflueger & Ringer for sharing their time and expertise on this topic.”

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